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    Here is a discussion Steam is having about how they total the review scores, and come up with the “Mostly Positive” and other score names.

    Steam Review Scoring Discussion

    It is a pet-peeve of mine. I feel that the rigid, up-thumb / down-thumb system is yet another a false dichotomy. It never represents reality, and encourages laziness. Just look at the Workshop and you will see how ppl can manipulate the ratings with large groups of friends and followers staging downvote attacks.

    Anyway, it seems I’m not the only one, and Steam is looking at the topic, at least for the review scores. They are creating filters to recognize off-topic rants and “Review Bombs”

    Good stuff!


    Yeah I’ve read that post a while ago. Then some days later, another dev posted on the steam dev forums that he was getting review bombed and Valve wasn’t doing anything. I think his score dropped from like 82% to 40% in just a few days because a guy working in their team left the job and his followers bombed the game’s score.

    Totally off topic no? Surely Valve wouldn’t let that happen based on the post you just read? Especially after borderlands 2 got bombed because of their decision to move to epic games for a one year exclusivity deal. In borderland’s case, their score dropped from 80% to about 40% in just a few days and Valve did take action.

    But they didn’t in the other dev’s case. Why not? The drop in % score is almost exactly the same and both had very off topic reasons, but only borderlands was taken care of. After some pages of smaller devs trying to figure out why on that small dev’s forum post, to which Valve didn’t even bother answering, they determined that it was most likely because the game is small and insignificant in terms of money making. The game only had a hundred reviews or so, compared to borderland’s thousands. The small game got about a dozen bomb reviews while borderland’s had hundreds.

    Many indie devs are losing patience with Steam and many thought that Steam would throw us a bone seeing the exodus of games to the Epic store. But instead of getting a bone, we got shiny new algorithms that limit indie devs struggling with visibility even more in favor of AAA games. I for one, am not holding onto any hope. Steam’s golden age for indies was a few years ago, from around 2014-2017. Now you got ~30 games releasing PER DAY, making it extremely difficult to get on the market if you’re not already established, but even then, your portion of the pie just gets smaller anyway. I don’t blame Valve for this though. All giants eventually fall in one way or another and all they can do is just postpone the inevitability.


    Ah, the boom-and-bust cycle. I have seen it in the music business, new home construction, and in bike shops. I think there are more similarities than differences.

    The majors buy up everything and get big, fat and boring. Sales level off.

    Then the indies come along with something fresh and new. The majors smell the money and swoop in, buying up everything. They promote a few things and let the rest die.

    I would not say that the indies are weak when they sell out to the majors. I have been there, and if I could do it all over, I would definitely “sell out” when the opportunity was there!

    Steam is big enough, they remind me of the Shimano company- they can just sit there and watch the trends. Then, jump into it when the profits are guaranteed. But there is competition with Epic, and surely more to come.

    Keep the Independent Faith, it is the way of the future!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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