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    Thought its time to tell you about some visual issues I’ve seen..
    These are if you let Amanda “Rest”

    Then another is if you’re in first person you don’t “Zoom” with right click.

    Let me know if you need my log for this.


    No it’s alright thanks!
    Looks like the hair has the same problem as the boots once had. Luckily it’s an easy fix.

    God that mouth bug has been here since DAY ONE. There is a button on the character that’s called ‘Force Jaw Shut’ and even though it’s on, her mouth is actually not closed! It used to close before, but at some point it broke and doesn’t wanna close anymore. I ignored it for a very long time because you could never see Amanda’s face anyway, except when you rest and move the camera around in 3rd person.

    Anyway I can’t fix the mouth because I’m not allowed to edit the part of the code where the bug is occurring. It will have to stay like this until and if the character customization package is voted in.


    glad you know what it is..

    But why in the world would you not be allowed to touch the code?


    Because Gaia is using an asset from the Unity store called MCS (Morph Character System). It’s a very powerful tool that lets you create and customize a humanoid in every possible way. I’m talking about teeth, eyes, tongue, fingers, sizes, lengths, literally everything that’s visible to the eye and that AAA games customize as well.

    The only problem, apart from being expensive, is that the company who made this asset doesn’t allow its users to access the code so they sell the asset in DLL files instead of your usual .cs files. So if a problem ever occurs, I have to just pray that they’ll release a patch to fix it… But that’s not going to happen either, because they’ve discontinued support and they’re not available on Unity anymore! Unity removed their asset from the store a few months after i bought it because the company was unwilling to provide support and it became too buggy with the newer versions of Unity.

    So right now it’s kinda late to switch the character system this close to release day sadly… But with the character customization package, I’ll definitely look into switching to another system or somehow find a way to work with the current system.


    totally understand this. I have noticed a few visual things, but they do not impact the game for me. There is always some clipping into objects by the player and AI. Also looking in the extreme ranges up, down, and to the side. Amanda has good teeth!


    Ah okay, thanx for explaining :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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