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    Hey guys, So according to this forum’s statistics, at any given time, there’s around 150-220 guests on average per day checking out these forums. There’s also a few users actually logging in.

    If you could answer some of these questions, that’d be great! It would help me manage this place better.

    1. Where did so many of you find out about this site? I’m not doing any advertising, so these huge numbers are quite strange.
    2. What are you guys looking for? Bug reports, guides, technical help?
    3. What do you think about the site?
    4. Have you checked out the homepage (aka just a blog)?


    Hmmm. A bot of few words


    That many bots though?


    découverte du site ,a cause que mon jeu ne veux pas lancer la partie
    découverte du jeu part un youtuber ( dr horse) je suis français
    discovery of the site, because my game does not want to start the game
    game discovery share a youtuber (dr horse)


    Ah cool, that youtuber has 620k subs! Did he make a video on the game? I can’t find it anywhere.


    Looks like his game won’t launch?

    I have seen some other sites that have counters, and seen like 100+ bots on there. I actually don’t even know what they are lol :D


    That bug’s been fixed ^^ Yeah same, and I have no idea how to get rid of them


    bonjour désoler pour l attente j étais absent
    bon le jeu ses bien lancer
    la mise a jour a fonctionner
    merci de votre intervention
    et pour le youtuber je me suis tromper ses (soma gaming) une vidéo de presentation
    ensuite et t il possible augmenter le stack sur le perso
    sa serais bien d’avoir des stack de5 ou 10 item par slot sutout le minéraux
    hello sorry for waiting i was absent
    good the game its launch well
    updating to work
    thank you for your intervention
    and for the youtuber I’m fooling her (soma gaming) a presentation video
    then and it possible to increase the stack on the perso
    it would be nice to have stack of 5 or 10 item per slot sutout the minerals
    thank you

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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