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    Hello! We finally had some time to test this out and had a lot of fun with it! I’ll be compiling the notes we took and put them in the right categories here, but in the meantime, if you want to watch the VOD yourself, here it is:

    We had a few audience members share their thoughts too and overall, we’re all excited to see how this game develops!

    We aim to do another video now that you released another patch and thinking of splicing it together nicely into a video for our YouTube channel.

    Tatiana & Evin (MindMineTV)


    I just watched it… hahahahahha
    You can dive in the water if you press Z and the water is deep enough. There’s not much to do in the water right now though.

    You guys ran into so many bugs it’s not normal! I’ll dedicate patch #15 to bug fixing only. It will include a fix to the death loop bug (the one where you get an enemy near your base and it keeps killing you as you respawn). When Garies ran into this problem before, there was no melee combat implemented and I thought putting in a very low dmg knife would be a good temporary solution but it looks like it’s not. Now I’ll change it so that monsters leave your base after a certain time has passed or after they caused enough damage to your base.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback though, it’s good to hear some thoughts on it.

    Oh yeah, I loved how you guys randomly started playing soccer with the placeholder models.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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