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    Please use this thread to vote on which package you would want to see in the next big update. You can think of a package as a sort of DLC, but free :).

    Note that work on a package won’t start until a previous one has been released (Except for the first package, which will be released WITH the Early Access version). If you have an idea for a package or would like to add your own suggestions to an existing package, don’t hesitate to post! Votes will be counted when I’ll be ready to start work on a package but an announcement will be made a few days before the voting period ends. Once a package has been implemented, we will restart this process to figure out which one should be implemented next!

    Currently proposed packages:

    ° Endgame options
    — Build a spaceship to escape – DONE This is the first package that was voted in a by a few dozen people back in late 2018.

    ° Time manipulation
    — Find the time device that allows the player to go back in time (think Prince of Persia). The world would be populated by time bubbles, some that accelerate time, others that slow it down.

    ° Disasters/Events
    — Natural disasters. These would consist of thunderstorms, tornadoes, eclipses and more. Right now we have solar flares, nox meteorites and psychotic animals.

    ° Vehicles
    — This would include a small submarine, a mech to help you get around faster, carry more stuff and provide more protection and other smaller vehicles.

    ° Followers
    — These little robots would help with your survival by providing more inventory space, an additional gun or just make your life more enjoyable.

    ° Journal System
    — Semi random text generation to build up a story. Amanda will be writing in her journal everyday. She’ll describe the events that happened to her or around her.

    ° Biomes
    — Different biomes such as winter and desert.

    ° Modding
    — Being able to mod simple things at first, such as stats, textures and UI.

    ° Marine life
    — Fishes, corals and other underwater gameplay.

    ° Character creation
    — Be able to make your own character. Amanda would still be the default option.

    ° Caves
    — Caves will be filled with life, items and traps.

    ° Equipment
    — Add an equipment system to Gaia as well as many different wearable items.

    In-depth info about each package:

    – The spaceship endgame package. Much like Subnautica and Rimworld, one goal would be to survive long enough until you gather all the necessary resources to build a spaceship to ‘win’ the game. The ship will be a prefab and while it is being built, it will require a lot of defending. Numerous waves of random enemies will be attacking you so you should be ready before starting the building process.

    – The time travel package. If you have ever played Prince of Persia, you know exactly what this new device will do. It will allow you to travel in the past for a few seconds. So for example, if you fall off a ledge and die, or did some type of action that you wish you could undo, then you could just rewind time for a few seconds before you made that mistake. Of course, this would have some limitations. You wouldn’t be able to rewind longer than a few seconds and it would take some time to recharge. Maybe instead of an automatic recharge, you could fill it up with some new type of material you can make? This package would also bring a new ending to the game. Instead of escaping the planet in your ship, you’d discover the Ancient treasure you’ve been looking for. Of course, you’d be able to choose which ending you want.

    Time bubbles would also be scattered on the terrain. Some of them would slow down time while others would accelerate it, relative to the outside world. This could have some really interesting applications.

    – The journal system package. This doesn’t affect gameplay in any way, but it would provide some flavor. It would be like a log that keeps track of the many things Amanda does throughout the day. For example, if she killed a Rompo, she’d write in her journal ‘Today I killed a Rompo near a peculiar redwood tree.’ Now, to make it interesting, that phrase would be constructed from a set of random adjectives, nouns and verbs. So it would actually look like this in the code: ‘Today, I [DEATH_VERB] a [AI] [PREPOSITION] a [ADJECTIVE] [NOUNTYPE] [NOUN].’ This is just an example though, but possibilities would be quite endless with a little more complexity added to it.

    – The biomes package. You would be able to choose the biome at the beginning of the game. You could go for the default forest, or you could choose a desert biome for example. Biomes would impact gameplay quite a lot since each will have its own weather settings, textures, animals/monsters, biome specific items and more. More biomes would be added further down the road.

    – The disasters/events package. Thunder could hit mobs, buildings or even Amanda. Mobs would turn into ‘struck’ versions of themselves while buildings could be destroyed. A tornado could cause massive damage to buildings or mobs. An eclipse would darken the day and impact the functioning of your base. It would make your solar panels useless while it’s active. It might also change mobs behavior… This and other disasters would complement the current ones in game, which are meteor strikes turning into a fallout event and solar flares. In the ‘good’ events category, there would be a falling meteor that lands on the planet and contains resources.

    – The modding package. During the early stages, you’d be able to mod stats of items, mobs or buildings. You could also change textures.

    – The marine life package. Right now, there is nothing you can do underwater in Gaia, except swim in a vast ocean of empty space. This package would change that. It would add fishes, corals and other marine objects that could be used to build structures or make items. Most fish would be harmless but there would be some predators to keep it interesting.

    – The vehicles package. Initially, you’d be able to build a mech that has the capability to jump boost for a few seconds, provide more armor and has a separate inventory which you can use to store excess stuff. Of course, it would also shoot missiles and have a minigun or plasma cannon attached to it. However, it would need recharging. A water vehicle would also be introduced if the water package has been implemented. Smaller vehicles such as a weak but fast sci-fi car would be implemented as well.

    – The followers package. Initially, there will be 3 little flying robot followers: a combat one, a resourceful one and a social one. The combat robot will help with combat by shooting at bad guys with its own gun. A resourceful robot would provide an extra small inventory if you decide to take him on a journey and maybe would also boost the amount of resources you can gather from one source. The social robot would talk to you, crack a joke here and there and verbally interact with the environment.

    – The caves package. Caves are completely randomly generated, just like everything else in the game. Right now, they’re completely empty though. This package, just like the underwater package, would bring a whole new ecosystem to life inside the caves. There would be new mobs, new items and traps among many other things. You could also build inside the caves, so you’d be safe from air raids. But at what cost…?

    – The equipment package. This package will bring a new system for weapons and other wearable items. Currently, the only items in game that you can wear are the M29 gun, the multitool and the Hermes set (2 gloves and 2 boots). This package would expand the inventory system to include an equipment screen where you can put different items on different parts of your body. Such items include weapons (flamethrowers, different types of guns etc) and armor with different types of effects, such as the Hermes set that allows you to fly.

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    I’ll say Vehicles or Follower for the next package..

    Strangely enough I was thinking last night what is the end game.. now i see you escape the planet, great, but since we’re still testing a lot of early game features etc. I’d say end game is lower on the priority?
    The Marine Life package also sounds good for on of the earlier packages..

    As for the natural disaster and biomes, which all sound fantastic, I’d say hold off from them for a bit, its difficult to try and focus on current mechanics and what happens next etc. and then have to struggle with other difficulties as well – I understand that for the full game that could kinda be the point to “struggle and survive”.

    Oh, and modding, I’d say this will be lowest priority?
    if you try and mod something in the game thats still buggy the mod won’t be stable, so rather bring in mod support when most things is sorted out more..?

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    Right, I’d personally vote for vehicles next to be honest so we’ll see!


    Ya, vehicles for exploration. A compass for navigation and polish the beacon system with a distance-from-player tag.

    BTW, a compass should not be easy to craft, there’s plenty to do early-game in building the base and it’s defense.

    After building a base, I like best the exploration part and non-combat missions.

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