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    It is going well. I have the Tempest built. Very cool having it a little closer to shore.

    New difficulty levels seem good. I am using Tranquillio Storyteller and low difficulty level. The intensity ramps up after building the first of the ship parts. At first, their numbers seem overwhelming, but the damages inflicted are lower than before.

    Some random thoughts

    I noticed ground raids, troops from drop-ships, Ironhammer and Progenitor raids- they are targeting the base and not the Tempest. Not sure if I want them to attack the ship :D

    But that’s why they noticed me and why they are attacking. Maybe they plan to capture the Tempest? I kinda thought I would need to set up an additional defensive strategy for the Tempest. Would be cool if they had a “Capture” ship that lands on the Tempest and tries to fly away with it.

    We will see what the masses think next week


    Hahaha yeah that’d be cool. Originally, enemies could attack the Tempest and the Tempest turrets would fire back, but I turned all of that off as I was advancing with the code. It became more and more complex, so in the end I decided to separate the Tempest from normal gameplay completely, save for the player.

    The main problem is that it’s on water and nothing can go over water yet. Another big problem is that if ironhammers can attack your ship, then it would have to fight back. But that would use up ammo and potentially mess up your plans, especially since the whole Tempest thing is expensive.

    If it were a smaller object that you could build on the ground, it’d be much easier. Alas it’s not. But! I’m thinking the water package might have something in store for the Tempest too. Like you said, we’ll have to see!


    Holy Cow Makes you just wanna scream OUCH I think thats why they yell “headache” when they drop trees. Kinda like “FORE” but flatter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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