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    A few minor bugs and issues.

    Vissual glitch when “climbing” over a defensive wall, Amanda glitches trough (Will be able to see in my video, busy uploading, will reply with link after)

    When you have an assembler in your crosshairs and you exit to menu, if you click anywhere on screen it “opens” the assembler in the escape menu.

    Bug-ish: Sometimes when planting something in the farm, after pressing the sow button, you can see the “planted seeds” but after a while when I come back to the farm its just gone, and have to re-sow it. Not sure if I did something strange, but I did “decrypt” farming 1 > 2 in that time, so not sure if that “reset” the farm after wards..


    Thanks Garies! I’ll have the assembler bug fixed by next patch. The climbing bug might be fixed a bit later though as that one is a bit more complicated to fix. As for the farm, yeah I’ve noticed that it happens with some plants too, but never with carrots. I’ll check it out as well


    Awesome, once again, thanx for the quick fixing/attention to the bugs! :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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