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    Very good first impression!

    Starting out in the pod, the first thing I noticed is the environment outside. It looks really good, especially considering the early stage of development. Running the “fantastic” setting, I’m getting 60 FPS just sitting there, and it drops to 40-50 moving around.
    The fire tornado is awesome. Really great job with that. The way that fire consumes trees, the ground, and my base is realistic. I’ve never seen anything like that!

    For the survival start, I think the difficulty level is good for now. It is not too hard, and that makes it a lot easier to learn the game while dealing with glitchy and buggy things. I have been able to run away from predators and get back to the pod most times.

    In these games, there is always an argument for and against the tutorials. I am for tutorials that can be disabled in the menu for the hardcore survivalist. That said, I found it challenging, but not too hard to figure out the basic survival needs. Except for the hygiene part, that’s the only thing I can’t figure out yet.

    So, until proper tutorials can be written, I am always in favor of at least a forum post with:
    1. A basic explanation of the way all the devices are intended to function.
    2. A recommendation on the first few steps a player should take.
    3. How to take care of the basic needs like hygiene.

    I just got started with building a basic structure and it is going well. It is intuitive and easy to figure out. It only took a couple minutes to figure out I needed pillars to support the walls. Laying down the flooring reminds me of Subnautica- it is a bit finicky where you can start out. The ability to set the first floor panel higher, would alleviate the problem of running into uphill terrain.

    I admit I am spoiled by building block style games like Empyrion. It is easy to set blocks into the terrain, and it seems limitless when working structures into the terrain. However, even with modular-style building, like in Subnautica- I managed to build very large structures that are sustainable.

    For now I will start out a base at the highest land point and build in a downhill direction. I do like the way it places ground supports under the floor automatically.

    I’ll eventually put the survival on hold for a while, and hit god mode to really explore the building features. Adding a fly mode, clipping, and high speed would be very helpful for that.

    As far as bugs and glitches, there are very few. Very solid performance. I am getting a 1 second freeze when moving around quickly. It happens about every 10 minutes or so. All of the Unity games I have played have a lag spike at some point. Subnautica never totally got it out.

    To focus the bug and glitch reporting, do you like to see reports on the specific part of the game that you are working on right now? Or should I post up every little thing I see?

    All in all, you have a very good start here with the game! It definitely has my attention, and I’ll have no problems sinking some hours into this.



    Ah yeah your frame rates are low because of your 4k monitor. I did some optimization a some time ago, when it used to run at 30fps or lower on those types of monitors, but the game is designed for 1080p so if you have any more troubles with that, try playing in that resolution. Sadly I don’t know when I’ll have time to look again at more frame optimization for now.

    That’s a good idea though, I’ll see if I can write a ‘How to get started’ sticky some time in the near future!

    The 1 second lag you get every (EXACTLY) 10 minutes is the autosave feature. The thing about this is I don’t know how to let the user know that there’s an autosave going on during that split second. It’s doesn’t last long enough for a loading screen to appear, but it does last long enough to cause a noticeable freeze. I’m open to all ideas on this one ^^

    As for the floor building, it’s a huge conundrum… If you would be able to build the floors higher so that you can avoid small hills, then the ground based AI would never be able to reach your structures. Another solution would be to flatten the terrain in some areas and let the player start there. That eliminates hills. But the problem with that is the environment just doesn’t look as nice you know? I’m also open to any suggestions on how to deal with floors here!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback though, I’m happy you’re liking it so far! I’m trying to design the game in such a way so that even if you play hundreds of hours, you’d still come across something new and unseen before.


    Cool, I will look at changing the resolution. Don’t worry about optimization until its on the schedule.

    Nice work on the quick start guide!

    Ah, Autosave. Cant live with it…………….
    …………………………………………….can’t live without it.

    Totally understand about those decisions on how building is done. Ill think about that.

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