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    maybe because of my spread out base? I found this in the log

    Couldn’t spawn the trade pod
    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_Log(LogType, String, Object)
    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogFormat(LogType, Object, String, Object[])
    UnityEngine.Logger:Log(LogType, Object)
    TradeShip:spawnPod() (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Scripts\TradeShip.cs:133)
    PDA:confirmedYesTrade() (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Scripts\PDA.cs:869)
    PDA:pressedAcceptBut() (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Scripts\PDA.cs:911)
    UnityEngine.UI.Button:Press() (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\UI\Core\Button.cs:36)
    UnityEngine.UI.Button:OnPointerClick(PointerEventData) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\UI\Core\Button.cs:45)
    UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents:Execute(IPointerClickHandler, BaseEventData) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:50)
    UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents:Execute(GameObject, BaseEventData, EventFunction`1) (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:261)
    Rewired.Integration.UnityUI.RewiredStandaloneInputModule:ProcessMousePress(MouseButtonEventData) (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Rewired\Integration\UnityUI\RewiredStandaloneInputModule.cs:1063)
    Rewired.Integration.UnityUI.RewiredStandaloneInputModule:ProcessMouseEvent(Int32, Int32) (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Rewired\Integration\UnityUI\RewiredStandaloneInputModule.cs:966)
    Rewired.Integration.UnityUI.RewiredStandaloneInputModule:ProcessMouseEvents() (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Rewired\Integration\UnityUI\RewiredStandaloneInputModule.cs:950)
    Rewired.Integration.UnityUI.RewiredStandaloneInputModule:Process() (at C:\Users\Radu\Desktop\Project\Assets\Rewired\Integration\UnityUI\RewiredStandaloneInputModule.cs:652)
    UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update() (at C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\EventSystem.cs:294)

    (Filename: C:/Users/Radu/Desktop/Project/Assets/Scripts/TradeShip.cs Line: 133)


    Yep that’s exactly why. The pod can only spawn in a radius of 200m around your main assembler, but if it’s filled with obstacles such as your buildings, then it won’t. I never thought someone would build that much stuff in such a wide area haha. One solution to this would be to make the player build a sort of designated area for trade pods, like a landing panel. Let me know what you think. In the meantime, to fix this, you should make a clear spot within 200m of your main assembler and the pod should spawn there. The area also has to be relatively flat for the spawn to succeed.


    Ok I’ll look into that. A craft able pad sounds awesome


    Ya, that craft-able landing pad would be nice. Where I’m at now, there really isn’t a good flat spot for the pod. I cleared away some turrets from the best spot I could find, It still wasn’t sufficient. A landing pad that is place-able like floor panels could be anchored on a slope and provide a large enough landing space.

    It won’t be a big deal for most players starting out. They will probably build close to the pod where there is plenty of space. It could be an issue when multiple bases are a thing.

    I really like the varied terrain, hills and valleys. I would not want to flatten out the terrain overall just to make the pod landing, or base-building easier.

    Could the trade pod center on the player instead? So we could call in supplies while out in the field. Or does it have to be a fixed object?

    Another idea I had was a trading center, like a meeting place on the planet somewhere. It could be a modern, powered building, like many games that have an “economy”.

    Or a Stonehenge-like abandoned or old structure made by ancient people to attract the space-men lol. I have always loved the scenes in SciFi where aliens are landing at the Pyramids or Nazca “Landing Strips”

    That would give the player reason and motivation to get out and explore. And regular, required trips out into the field.


    Haha alright, we’ll go with the landing place

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