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    This has happened two times but I cannot provide exact steps to reproduce since it is well into the game and seems to happen during Autosave. During Autosave there is a ‘Loading’ progress meter. When this bug occurs that progress meter continues to cycle from 0->100% and then back. Game interaction is reduced in that you can bring up the build menu icon but clicking it does nothing. You can still move around the game but interacting with items is not possible (e.g. getting the status window from the Decoder). Both times this happened it was after I had created the Ship building module and had started constructing Tempest parts (ammo boxes, shield generators, hydrazine modules). I have started another game and will pay more attention to what I am doing to give additional information concerning this problem. It is most frustrating.


    Thanks for the report Sandivar! It’s been reported by other players as well. It’s been fixed in the latest patch, but the patch is currently in Beta.

    I think your save files might also have become corrupted due to that, really sorry! You should either enroll in the beta or disable autosave until the new patch comes out of the beta

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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