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    Alpha-3.1.1 now live!
    Gaia – Radu
    Hey guys! Alpha 3 brings character customization, now live on the default branch. There is now a button where you can choose and customize various aspects of your character, such as gender, hair, ears, nose, lips and facial expression among other things. If you choose not to customize your character, the game will start with good ol’ Amanda.

    This patch doesn’t affect anything gameplay wise, it’s mostly a cosmetic patch. I would normally leave cosmetic stuff towards much later alphas, but many people requested the ability to play as a male. So instead of just shoving in a male model temporarily until I have time to implement the character package, I decided to implement it now.

    Patch notes:

    * Character customization
    – 9 different hair styles
    – Hair color
    – Skin color
    – 17 facial expression morphs
    – 4 body morphs
    – 4 brows morphs
    – 10 ear morphs
    – 11 nose morphs
    – 12 mouth morphs
    – 12 special morphs. Special morphs are predefined combinations of many other individual morphs to give a distinct look to your character, such as a bat face or a vampire face.

    There are literally hundreds more morphs you COULD customize the character with, so if the game ever becomes popular enough to be modded, modders would only have to add those options to the UI screen and it should mostly work. I say mostly because some morphs can affect the height of the character, which does cause some issues with the current implementation of other mechanics. But other morphs that should work out of the box when modded in include individual muscle morphs, chest area morphs, eyes morphs, feet morph and more. For a vanilla version, the current options are enough I think.

    * Italian translation! Big thanks to Argonauth

    * Fixed some bugs

    * Fixed some texts not being localized

    Hope you guys will like it! Next Alpha will be all about new vehicles and laying down some groundwork for new weapon systems!

    sorry i just copied and pasted this here to help out


    Thanks! The whole playebase is on Steam and I wasn’t sure if people were using these forums anymore, which is why I didn’t post it on here but it looks like people do! So that’s cool!

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