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    This patch brings some bug fixes and further improvements.

    * Shadow juggernauts now appear correctly where they should
    * Toned down the ambient blue tint. Objects should now be closer to their true color
    * Fixed some automatic climbing issues
    * Further reduced VRAM usage
    * Acted upon some difficulty feedback. Low monsters now affects the safe zone around the base up to 250m instead of 200m. Both Low and High affect the number of animals/monsters by 25% in the respective direction
    * Difficulty now affects your gun damage
    * Made all terrains less shallow at sea level so that building the Tempest can be done closer to the shore
    * Re-introduced the scorched earth texture and fire now removes grass. This was disabled previously due to some glitches and limitations.
    * Fixed a whole bunch of performance issues when having a lot of ironhammers attacking you at a time.
    * Got rid of the forced dropship raid in the beginning. The forced rompo raid will still occur though
    * Made normal music play a bit more often


    AWESOME! Thanx for the optimizations.

    The water depth thing for the Tempest building is a good idea. Much easier to travel back and forth. I was constantly touching the water accidentally and having to swim back.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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