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    This is a big one in terms of visuals and sounds.

    * Added sound effects for a ton of things. Ironhammers, progenitors, trade pods, energy buildings, decoder and a few other player buildings, placing sound, destroying sound, fire sounds, explosions and more
    * Added a model for each item, no more placeholder cubes!
    * Modified the icons of some items to match the new models
    * Added a ragdoll effect for when the player dies, as well as a 5 second respawn timer. No more insta teleportation, now we have death then delayed teleportation!
    * The AI storytellers now control the wildlife. This means there is now a new event called ‘Psychosis’. When this event triggers, random harmless animals will go in a rage and hunt any humans on the map. The difference between manhunting animals and raids is that animals will be a real time thing. That means that you could be minding your own business while harvesting some glowtubes when all of a sudden, the pack of goats that have been chewing on grass near you for the past 10 minutes will suddenly turn aggressive and attack you.
    * As always, fixed a few more bugs here and there

    I haven’t had much time to test all this new stuff in a normal gameplay. I’ve only tested each new addition in isolation!

    Next patch will be about decorative items that you can place around, windows and some quality of life improvements. Patch after that will be about better UI and a nice, interactive tutorial that can be turned on or off. This one is probably going to take a few weeks. After that, I’ll be testing out each aspect of the game fully, make some modifications accordingly and will begin preparations to launch it on Steam. I hope to do that some time in the next 2 months! Since the Kickstarter has pretty much failed, there’s no point in waiting until the end of the year anymore. I will b e announcing a more exact date after the tutorial patch.


    SOUNDS good! lol I’ll be starting a new game and listening for the new audio. Look out for mad goats and chickens!


    I see what you did there hahahah

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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