Gaia got its own OST

I never really thought Gaia would get its own original soundtracks. When I first started this project, I thought that I’d simply browse online for some music and shove it in the game, expecting some good results. But I recently realized that this wasn’t a possibility. This game’s community has grown beyond my biggest dreams. So I set out to find a talented guy who knows how to make music, who just started out his own thing, a bit like me, maybe without the talented part.  There were some pretty huge nonsensical artists out there who demanded huge sums of money for just 30 minutes of music. And by huge I mean, more than what an average person makes in a year in the USA. I’m not sure how they expect some guy who just made his first game to pay that amount.


Anyway, luckily a human known as Joel Grant came along. A really cool, affordable and talented dude. I was amazed by the music he made for Gaia. His songs remind me of the Surviving Mars radio, which I personally used to listen on loop for some time. And now I can’t believe Gaia has that kind of professional music in it! This went better than I expected.

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