Top 10%?

I found out today that Gaia is in the top 10% games on Steam based on a ‘Followers’ spreadsheet compiled by someone. Of course, ‘followers’ is not the same as actual people who own a game, but it’s still a pretty good indicator of how well the game will turn out to be. I’ve been busy these past 2 weeks getting the game ready for real gameplay. Fixing bugs and glitches, optimizing and rewriting some features that I’ve spent a lot of time on before made me quite frustrated. But it had to be done. Hearing about the news today reinvigorated me. Hopefully in a week or 2, the game will finally be rid of bugs so I can start the testing phase with other people and get their opinions as well. I know I won’t fix them all in 2 weeks of course, but the vast majority will be gone for sure.


I wish I had some lower end computers on which I could test the game.

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