Bad guys

A lot of progress has been made on one of the endings for Gaia. In about 1 or 2 weeks, the foundation should be finished. I’ll then be able to actually work on the visuals and sounds. It looks really promising and I can’t wait to get to that part. A good ending is a very important part of any game. I personally find that intense and unique endings is often what defines whether the player wants to replay the game or not. I would’ve preferred doing the ending involving time travel more than the one involving escaping in a ship, but I decided it’s best to wait a bit longer before implementing anything related to time. I fear that time rewind is a bit like save/loading. It requires massive maintenance, so the later it’s done, the better. Saves time and effort.


The escape brought up some newly improved AI ships. These ships can fly around, rotate and turn to avoid heat missiles and fire from multiple types of turrets, such as laser, particle or missile turrets. I am particularly proud of this aspect because it’s the part that’s been frustrating me the most while working on the foundation. When you see it working however, boy is it an epic sight.

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