Fire and Radiation

Today, I pushed the Hot pepper update, which includes the solar flare and noxious meteorite disaster. Although this wasn’t planned until after the game was supposed to hit Early Access, I’ve put it in anyway. Part of the reason was to give potential future players a look at what plans I have for Gaia. Some people have been criticizing the trailer I put up back in July as being ‘nothing special’. Lots of people actually asked how is Gaia going to be different from other indie survival games. And they were right to ask that question. The trailer was nothing too special, except for a few clips. But parts such as ‘Harvest Resources’ were truly boring and didn’t show anything special about Gaia. This kind of stuff is taken for granted in most survival games, so me advertising that was a mistake. The Hot Pepper early release date is to help with that. I’ll be making a new trailer in a few months, showcasing stuff that actually does make the game look and feel more unique. Flying as Ironman, burning trees, fire propagation engulfing wildlife who in turn propagate fire as they run around burning, the choice to end a game with 2 different choices by either building a huge spaceship that you can control in very fine detail or by finding the ancient time device and actually control time, different types of drugs, all this should help with the question of uniqueness.

I have to say though, I’m quite proud of this fire propagation thing. It was a lot of work, took around 2 weeks, but I managed to code it in such a way that I won’t need to modify much code when I’ll be introducing new things related to fire. Maybe a flamethrower, or some kind of non-water gun that extinguishes fire. The amount of destruction and interactivity with the terrain this update brings is quite unlike anything else you usually see in any other survival games, where trees, grass and terrain textures are static. Anyway, the only major update that I have planned before release is the ending and the story line. Hopefully that will come out sometime early next month if not before.

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