Almost there

Finally, all features as shown in the pre alpha trailer are working as expected. No more nasty bugs, no more ‘disabled for this build’ messages. Though I am 100% sure there are still a lot of what I like to call ‘rare’ bugs, so I’m not out of the woods yet. Rare bugs are those types of bugs which occur in places that are impossible to foresee without actually testing the game in depth and that only occur in a minority of cases. For example, I’m pretty sure that if I were to save the game right when a dropship is starting its hover mechanic and then loading it at that point, its behavior would break and who knows how exactly it will break. These cases have a very small chance of occurring because of many reasons that I don’t want to get into right now… But that chance is still there. A proper game would never break and would have no bugs. Ever. And that is exactly what I’m aiming for, but that is so time consuming. Although I’ll keep at it, I’m not surprised why so many devs out there, including from big companies, choose to ignore such cases and instead keep on releasing DLC’s and what have you. Anyway.

Pirates are now build on the same bedrock that other ground AI has been built on. They’re not very smart for now because gun combat is much more different than melee combat. In melee, you just stand in one place and hack n slash, sometimes moving a little around. No, pirates have to be able to seek cover, roll around, crouch and more.

Dropships are also working as expected. They fly in, drop the space pirates, hover up then fly away. Of course, they can be shot down by missile turrets at any stage, though this is quite hard to do and I have to test this further to make sure everything works correctly.

Sanity only has one debuff right now so I need to do at least 2 more in the coming week. I’m thinking making Amanda see ghosts. Though it’s not that hard to code it, making sound effects for what I have in mind would be impossible to do on my own. So for now, it will have to be without sounds.

As I continue on improving some of the current features, I’ll also be working on making a start and an ending, something most people have been requesting to be in the game before it comes out in Early Access. Coding a game is much like writing an essay. It’s extremely hard to make that perfect intro, so often you start with the middle and the arguments, then come back later to the introduction and the conclusion.

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