Little details

This past month, I’ve been working on lots of little details that needed my attention for quite a while now. I’ve been compiling a list of some of the bugs and glitches people kept seeing in the game and let it grow for a long time. At the time of writing this post, there were about 600 items on the todo list… Luckily, the majority, about 500 of them, have already been dealt with during the month of August. Now that most bugs have been fixed, I’ll be able to concentrate on doing more fun stuff, like implementing some missing features, adjust some values, work on the lighting and change some models. Sadly, lots of models are very basic and not at all adapted to the scene. For example, the ground inside the farm is all glossy and metallic like a shiny iron bar. Lots of materials and shaders will need to be adjusted to appear more realistic. But I’m excited to work on this for a change. I want the atmosphere to feel more realistic and familiar. Just because the game is still in pre alpha doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have nice graphics. My aim is to make a game that’s completely bug free and has some decent models before it hits Early Access on steam. So far, it’s going pretty good.

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