Goooood news everybody

Lots of progress has been made since the last post.

First, the website should now be working properly and anyone can sign up for the forums. The website will keep being updated as time goes, but for now this should be pretty good.

Second, Gaia is now on Steam! Well, the Coming Soon page is up. Lots of information about the game is on there so if you want to read more about Gaia and what it contains, please take a look!

Lastly, some game updates: I spent a day and half tracking down and trying to fix bug related to A* pathfinding… Only to find out that somehow it was the Unity Engine acting all weird whenever the pathfinding graph is updated at runtime. The whole scene was for some reason re-rendered and had its physics calculated again as if the game just loaded. Anyway, this bug caused a massive 2-3 second lag spike that dropped FPS to around 20. Luckily, I found a workaround and used another type of graph called Recast and after some more fiddling, it seems that now it’s working just as fine as the other graph, except without the fps issues. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with pathfinding again. Also, lots of buildings have been updated to work with the current state of the game and many other small bugs have been fixed. There is still a big one that I need to fix and after that, the game should become available for play testing. There has been no new feature implemented as I’ve gotten quite busy with just fixing bugs and social matters, like creating this website and the steam page.

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